Business to Business

    Through the combination of advanced wrapping technology, storage, insurance and luggage accessories implementation services  Company highly demands its customers. Also wrapped luggage transport systems allow airports to operate with greater efficiency and reduce number of failures.

   uses the most advanced wrapping equipment that meets all technical requirements and has the following advantages compared with other packaging machines :

  • higher productivity;
  • maximum automation of packaging process;
  • use of better and more practical material;
  • equipment software to track the number of wrapped luggage.

You can find   services in following airports:


  • Estonia, Tallinn


  • Kazakhstan, Astana


  • Moscow SVO
  • Krasnodar
  • Sochi
  • Anapa
  • Omsk
  • Orenburg
  • Kaliningrad
  • Izhevsk
  • Ivanovo
  • Kazan
  • Novokuznetsk
  • Ufa
  • Naberezhnye Chelny, Begishevo
  • Surgut
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • Vladivostok
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Yakutsk
  • Yaroslavl
  • Bratsk



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