Information for passengers

Requirements to the luggage:

1 (one) piece of luggage is:

One individual item (bag, suitcase, box or any similar package which has a handle for transportation and whose sides are close adjusted).

Oversized luggage is:

The luggage with sum of three dimensions over 203 cm

Skiing gear, hockey equipment, bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs, fishing equipment, golf equipment etc.

Double wrapping is:

Wrapping of two items together regardless of its size excluding oversized luggage.

Process of Wrapping


   Luggage wrapping occurs immediately before registration of passengers and takes less than one minute.

 At our  stand our clients submit their suitcases to our staff representative, and he puts it into the wrapping machine. Meanwhile, you can pay for the service and after it’s ready you can take your wrapped bag.




Packing luggage in stretch film

Packaging technology in stretch film is produced by way of rotary wrappingon a special machine with adjustable tension, lift and speed winding. Adjustable tension allows you to choose the degree of compaction of goods when packing.It is possible to achieve both substantial sealing of cargo and delicate winding of fragile packaging to ensure the safety of contents during transportation of cargo by any mode of land, sea and air transportand storage conditions in warehouses.

Why do I need to wrap my luggage?

Luggage should be wrapped for security of content and to prevent spoilage of your bags.

At the customs

Usually occurs, that on the customs there are several machines checking bags, that’s why it’s not necessary to open luggage and take off wrapping film.

Although there are special cases, when customs officers would like to check passenger’s baggage physically. In this case they’ll ask you to come and open your bags to check the content by yourself.

What to do, if somebody opened your bags without your evidence?

If upon arrival you find your luggage uncovered, do not rush to pick it up from the conveyor. In this case, we recommend you first to apply to customs officers, presenting them your receipt that your luggage has been wrapped. While your luggage is on the line, you're not responsible for the consequences of hacking.

What if you’ve lost your luggage?

You should contact the airport authority.

If you have purchased the Protection you should register at our website

Traveling to the United States

If United States are your final or transit destination, it should be noted that the film that wraps your luggage is likely to be withdrawn. According to strict rules, TSA (Transportation Security Management) representatives physically check all baggage coming to their country, and remove the film. Although, we still recommend our clients to wrap luggage, so it would be protected during the entire trip (prior to arrival in the United States).

You can also use wrapping film and TSA locker for your bag. In this case, the TSA representative will be able to open your luggage and close it after verification. You can find necessary locks and covers for your suitcases in kiosks at the airports.