Luggage Wrapping

You will be able to travel safely, without worrying about losing your luggage, using  baggage wrapping service. With help of special equipment your suitcase will be wrapped in a thick layer of shrink film in a few minutes and is protected from:

  • contraband;
  • accidental opening;
  • damage;
  • contamination.

In addition to bags wrapping you can also wrap:

  • boxes;
  • plastic bags;
  • golf bags;
  • backpacks;
  • child safety seats;
  • ski;
  • snowboards.

In addition to bags wrapping you can also wrap:


Airport Price
Lithuania, Kaunas 8 EUR
LithuaniaVilnius  10 EUR
Estonia, Tallinn  8 EUR
Latvia, Riga 10 EUR


Airport Price
ThailandKrabi 200 ฿
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek Manas  350 KGS
Kyrgyzstan, Osh Airport 200 KGS


Airports Price
Moscow DME 600 Р
Moscow SVO 500 Р
Krasnodar 500 Р
Sochi 500 Р
Anapa 500 Р
Gelendzhik 500 Р
Astrakhan 500 Р
Kazan 450 Р
Ufa 400 Р
Omsk 450 Р
Voronezh 450 Р
Murmansk 500 Р
St. Petersburg 300 Р
Naberezhnye Chelny, Begishevo 450 Р
Surgut 400 Р
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 500 Р
Vladivostok 500 Р


Luggage storage at the airports of Russia:



Krasnodar*  400 Р
Sochi**  500 Р
Kazan* 400 Р
Ufa* 400 Р
Voronezh* 400 Р
Moscow SVO** 500 Р
Murmansk* 400 Р
Anapa* 400 Р
Surgut* 400 Р
Vladivostok* 400 Р

 * Each subsequent calendar day of use of the service, Luggage storage + 200  Р
 ** Each subsequent calendar day of use of the service, Luggage storage + 250 Р 

Luggage storage at the airports of Europe:

Airport  Price
LithuaniaVilnius  5 EUR
Lithuania, Kaunas 5 EUR



Taking care of safety and comfort of your flight, we also remember about environment – there is only wrapping film produced from recycled materials used during wrapping process.




Price — 2 EUR

* Terms of Luggage Protection


Extra protection for baggage

Luggage wrapping film is not the only way to secure your luggage. At the Customer Service Desk our clients can buy special products that will provide extra security to their things.

It can be licensed locks TSA (Transportation Security Administration USA), covers for suitcases, luggage belts and many others.