The agreement providing for



This agreement establishes the terms of PACK&FLY LUGGAGE PROTECTION for the Customers who purchased a «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon entitling to compensation.

The client confirms acceptance of these Rules at the time of payment for «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon and confirms registration of it on the website and undertakes to follow the Rules.

Terms and definitions

Luggage protection  is a relationship in which the customer is using the service for the luggage wrapping and also purchasing a «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon and as soon as it was registered on the website the client acquires the right to compensation from the Organizer in case of total loss or missing luggage in accordance with these Rules.

Client is an individual who used the services of luggage wrapping by PACK&FLY, got a Coupon for the protection of the baggage («Protection Pack&Fly» coupon) while paying its cost and registered coupon on the website.

Acceptance is the absolute consent of the Client with the Luggage protection rules (formal offer), at the moment of purchase (payment) of «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon and its registration on the website. The client agrees that the Organizer can use and process the registration/personal data. Registration/personal data is confidential information and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

Organizer is a group of companies PACK&FLY which provides services for luggage wrapping. Organizational and legal form information, corporate name and INN are contained in the receipt confirming the payment of the Coupon.

«Protection Pack&Fly» coupon (hereinafter Coupon) is designed in accordance with these Rules on paper or another information holder of the Client's right to compensation from the Organizer, in accordance with these Rules. Coupon can be obtained only as an additional product when wrapping luggage and it needs to be paid. The cost of the Coupon is 250 (two hundred fiftyrubles. Obligatory particular of the Coupon is the individual number; to activate the Coupon the Client needs to register it on the site It is possible to buy no more than 1 (one) Coupon for a one (1) unit of wrapped luggage.

Reimbursement is the amount that the Organizer undertakes to pay the Client who purchased and activated a Coupon in case of total loss or missing luggage. The procedure, terms and conditions of reimbursement are contained in the relevant sections of these Rules.

Lost/missing Luggage is a luggage that was wrapped by one of the companies of the group PACK&FLY, with purchased «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon which was checked-in and left to the Airline for carriage and which was not issued by the Airline after the official deadline of baggage tracing.


1. The procedure of registration of «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon

1.1. The client can get the Coupon as an additional product when wrapping luggage at one of the wrapping points of PACK&FLY. The client must notify the desire to buy Coupon until the payment is for luggage wrapping is made. Coupon may only be purchased as an additional product together with the service of wrapping luggage provided by PACK&FLY, it is not a standalone product.

1.2. Confirmation of purchase of the «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon will be a receipt issued after payment for wrapped luggage and for the Coupon.

1.3. The client must register the Coupon on the website For the identification the Coupon contains a unique number. It is possible to activate the coupon at any time from the moment of its buying until the discovery of lost Luggage at the Airport of arrival.

1.4. Liabilities of Pack&Fly Luggage Protection are valid after purchase of the Coupon by the Client, after the luggage was checked-in for the flight, after leaving for carriage to the Airline and after receiving a luggage receipt but not more than for 1 (one) Flight, including connecting flights until the first (1) baggage dispensing to Passenger by the Airline.


2. The procedure and conditions for the LUGGAGE PROTECTION

2.1. Procedure with intention to use the right of compensation for lost/missing luggage:

2.1.1. To contact Lost&Found on the loss at the airport of arrival. To get Report (Property Irregularity Report or Property Damage Report). Lost&Found shall search for the lost Luggage, and/or to address with the claim to the Airline within the set deadlines. The timing of presentation of the claim must specify the representative of the Airline. The official deadline for baggage tracing is 21 days. During this period the Airline is obliged to respond to the complaint.

2.1.2. To register the Coupon on the website by using the individual identification number of the coupon if it hasn’t already been done.

2.1.3. In case of the Luggage was not found within a specified time or cannot be repaired the Client must send a message about it within 5 working days after the official deadline for baggage tracing to the following email address:

2.2. For reimbursement the Client must send the following documents in a scanned form by e-mail to The email must be sent from the email specified during the registration coupon protection:

2.2.2. «Protection Pack&Fly» coupon;

2.2.3. A register receipt confirming the payment for the luggage wrapping;

2.2.4. Boarding passes (for all flights included in the trip) with the services of the Airport on passenger's registration for flight;

2.2.6. A numbered luggage tag;

2.2.7. The report, drawn up in the airport baggage claim (Property Irregularity Report or Property Damage Report);

2.2.8. Copies of claims to Airlines and all the documents attached thereto;

2.2.9. Documents confirming the payment or waiver of reimbursement by the Airlines;

2.2.10. A copy of the internal passport or copy of passport (for international flights).

2.3. This set of documents for reimbursement will be reviewed by the group of companies PACK&FLY within 3 (three) working days.

2.4. By results of consideration of documents the Organizer will send a sample application to receive reimbursement to the e-mail of the Client.

2.5. Completed application and all original documents listed in 2.2 of this regulation rules a Client must send by mail to the postal address specified on the official website


3. The order and the time of reimbursement.

3.1. The amount of compensation for each coupon protection is up to 100.000 (one hundred thousandrubles.

3.2. Reimbursement will be made by money transferring from the current bank account of one of the PACK&FLY companies which purchased the Coupon for luggage protection to the Bank account specified in the Client’s application.

3.3. The refund shall be transferred within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt of the original documents by the Organizer, in accordance with clause 2.5 of these Rules.

3.4. The date of payment (reimbursement) is the date of debiting the funds from the payer's account.


4. No reimbursement will be made in the following cases:

4.1. Failure to provide or provision of incomplete set of documents listed in these Rules.

4.2. Failure by the Client to the terms and deadline for submission of documents.

4.3. The lack of confirmation of registration of the luggage protection Coupon on the official website

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